A Whole New Dimension

Often when a room needs uplifting, we look to the walls. More often than not, this is created by using wallpaper that appears colorful and multidimensional. Although we see nothing wrong with that, this week we are highlighting going a step further and adding another dimension.

For textured and multi-dimensional walls we suggest materials such as cork, grasscloth, and even pleated paper. They are all lightweight, can be playful with lighting and are easy to install. You can go a step further by adding reclaimed wood or creating a vertical garden wall, but they can be more complicated, and that’s for another post.

We love three-dimensional textured options at home because it can still portray a classic and modern look but adds much more layers to the design of the room. It also is an incredible way to make artwork stand out. With walls like these, you can play with the juxtaposition of coloring of artwork and the room.

Photo: House and Home

Photo: Interiorzine.com

Photo: West Elm

Photo: Stylecaster

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